Welcome to the historical photograph archive of the Kempsford website. We currently have 113 photographs of the parish in the archive. If you have any knowledge of any of the photographs we would like to hear from you.

Alongside each photograph is a form with which you can send us details of the photograph, as well as any additional comments you would like to add. We will then update the corresponding information alongside the

If you have any old photographs of the parish which you would like to include in this archive, please email us and we’ll be in touch. Hopefully over time we can build up a concise database of the parish in photographic format, that will be available for generations to come.

To view a photograph simply click on the icon next to the photograph of your choosing.

Finally, a very big thank you goes to all who have contributed photos to this archive.

61View PhotographEric Gantlett
62View PhotographFairford Farmer
63View PhotographEric Gantlett & Fairford Farmer
64View PhotographEric Gantlett
65View PhotographJersey Cow
66View PhotographJersey Cows
67View PhotographJersey Cows
68View PhotographKempsford Parade
69View PhotographKempsford Parade
70View PhotographKempsford Parade

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