November 28th, 2020

Jingle Balls

"Another competition that tests each entrant's ability to forecast how the whole of the Premier League will look on Xmas Day 2016, not at the end of the season."

Competition Rules:

The completion will be finalised as per the Premier League positions on Xmas Day 2016. Each team will score points depending on how close its final position is in comparison to each entrant's forecast. So if you forecast Man Utd to be in 11th position on Xmas Day and indeed they are 11th then 5 points will be scored. Should they be either 10th or 12th then 4 points will be scored. If Man Utd are 9th or 13th then 3 points are scored and so on.

Correct Position 5pts
+/- 1 position 4pts
+/- 2 positions 3pts
+/- 3 positions 2pts
+/- 4 positions 1pt
+/- 5 or more positions 0pts

In the event of a tie for any of the first three places, prize money will be shared.
Winners will be announced here and notified by the local organisers personally.
Organised in aid of Kempsford Cricket Club

Final Postions:

1st Place Dick Dicker £150
2nd Place Gail Nichols £75
3rd Place Rob Gray £25

A big thank you to all who took part.